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The following outline of coverage is for informational purposes only.

Liability Coverage: This covers your legal liability for bodily injury to others (Bodily Injury Liability) or damage to their property (Property Damage Liability). Florida law requires you have Property Damage Liability coverage. 
Personal Injury Protection (P.I.P.): This covers you, your family members and certain others, for bodily injuries resulting from auto accidents, without regard to fault. Payments are for 80% of medical expenses, 60% for loss of income, replacement household services and (if the limit has not been exhausted by other benefits) a death benefit. Personal Injury Protection is also required under Florida law. 
Medical Payment Coverage: This coverage supplement the medical expense reimbursement of PIP coverage and provide basic coverage in situations where PIP does not pay. 
Uninsured Motorist Coverage: This coverage pays for bodily injuries to you, family members and certain others, resulting from the negligence of others. It pays when the at-fault party has: no liability insurance, or liability coverage with limits not adequate to pay for the damage incurred, or if injuries result from a hit-and-run vehicle. 
Collision: This covers damage to your car resulting from upset or impact with another object.
Comprehensive: Provides coverage for damage to your car resulting from fire, theft and other direct losses not excluded. 

Renewal and Cancellation Provision: You may cancel your policy at any time after it has been in effect for 60 days. During the first 60 days of your policy, you may cancel only if you dispose of the vehicle or it is total loss, or after the purchase of another policy covering the motor vehicle which was covered under this policy. 

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